Kathi Comic

I am a trained kindergarten teacher and children playing and event manager. My professional life I play with children. Be it as a course instructor at the children's gymnastics, as advisor on school trips or summer camp, as babysitter, Au Pair, as founder and game attendant for Kinderpartys.at or since 2010 as a mom of two wonderful children (* 2010 & * 2012).

My "pedagogical opinion" has changed and strengthened after learning of basic knowledge in the SA for kindergarten teachers gradually through the many dealing with children and has become an important pillar in my professional and private life.

Especially by my own children, I have learned how important it is carefully listening to children, to accept what they find important to trust them and to engage in it. Children need adults to take responsibility for themselves and perceive their own limitations and can communicate. Here to speak their own and others' feelings and needs is probably the most important though perhaps difficult task.

"The grass does not grow faster if you pull it."

I love working with children because they are honest and authentic and I like to learn from her lightheartedness, lightness and naturalness. They show their feelings as they werden- just felt whether greatest happiness or vilest injustice.

Playing one of my Alltag- whether on children's parties, at home or with FreundInnen- whether as a couple or to 50st- whether indoors or draußen- whether jointly with children or adults or with everyone. Play is simply part and enriched my life!

"Man only plays when he is a man in the fullest sense of the word, and he is only completely a man when he plays." (Friedrich Schiller)

Most of all I'm doing at children's parties called singing and Schreispiele- provided they fit just;). Children sometimes quite loud scream seemingly senseless lassen- I love the energy here is free!
I particularly liked, as celebrated for years their birthday parties with us the children of an entire school class. A girl answered and all the other followed suit. We knew the children as good because we met repeatedly over the year and the parties designed together with them.