Kids at your company event?!

What a joy! Within the appropriate framework children can enrich any event! We support you with an individualized program, which we will adapt based on your ideas, the local and situational context and the needs of the children.

For every event

We create a playroom, in which the children will always be the center of attention – whether at an opening, a staff event, a promotion, a fair or an open house.

Something for everybody

Having face painting put on, building musical instruments, dancing to music -  our program is designed for children of different ages and interests as well as different needs. Our stations encourage creativity, movement, togetherness and offer a place where it is possible to play on their own. Here you can get a small impression of our stations. Our cooperative partners offer the perfect highlights for several hours of childcare (e.g. fireshow, clownerie and magic shows).

The service package

Consultation in person or over the phone
Planning and organization of childcare
Individual and adaptable concept preparation, which we will adjust to your budget, the theme of the event, local conditions or special whishes (e.g. language skills)
Travel expenses inside Vienna are included ( outside Vienna by request).
Provided qualitative and environmentally friendly material
Implementation of agreed program through our game facilitators
...that is flexible in regard to the number of kids, needs, weather and other factors.
According to prior agreements, flexible on-site extension is possible.
The kids and game facilitators are insured for accidents and liabilities.

Our game facilitators

Since 2004, we employ experienced and skilled game facilitators who are personally chosen by us. The variety of our game facilitators is what makes us special: They differ in their talents, country of origin, specialization, character and age. Regardless they all have extensive experience working with children.

Our experience

Whether you are having a big event or a small work party, we are always working with joy and full commitment. We have experienced altitude flights during the Red Bull Flight Day, we were cycling along at the Ing Diba Ringradln and played a big part at the BIG Babyday. You can find a summary of our previous experiences here.


Planning childcare for company events is something we are passionate about. Because we love children and we love events.
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