Mission statement


We know how important it is to be able to rely on the game facilitators and that they really show up on the day of event. Therefore, you can enjoy 100 % performance guarantee with us! We have never needed to cancel an event.

Facilitating games

We attend carefully to children while they play. We consider their mood, desires and needs and create a situation in which the togetherness has priority.


It started with a two person company in 2004 and has evolved into a three member office crew and varied team. After more than 1,000 events we have gained a lot of experience and are happy to learn more from new ones.


Our diversity distinguishes us. Our game facilitators differ in talent, countries of origin, specializations, characteristics and age. This results in a varied repertoire of games and activities. What unites us is the joy in our work.


In our professional and private lifes we work responsibly with people and the environment, in order to contribute to a sustainable world for our children. Our company reflects this responsibility in the selection of resource saving materials, the renouncement of non recyclable materials, the use of green electricity and in the selection of organic, fair trade and recycled products. We undertake social responsibility to help others through our cooperation with “Jugend am Werk” or through the flexible adjustment of our prices to meet the financial needs of our customers and clients.


As a family business we take responsibility for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this, we take the time for consultation and choose matching game facilitators from our team for each event.


We take children very seriously and face them on an equal footing. Children can decide whether they want to participate in a game or not. We have a mutually respectful approach based on the appreciation for every single child.